Tailoring to Africa’s (not so) traditional ‘tradescapes‘


Tailoring to Africa’s (not so) traditional ‘tradescapes‘

14:55 - 15:40 | Wednesday 4 November
| Stream B

With more than 95% of Africa’s retail sales generated from traditional trade outlets, and e-commerce poised to leapfrog evolutionary retail paths, modern and e-retailers can learn much from how informal retail innovates and adapts to meet consumer needs. The speakers will set the scene on how retailers can leverage local ‘tradescape’ knowledge to tap into unmet demand and innovation opportunities, highlighting countries which are attractive for modern and e-commerce, and lining up the factors for success. Insights and examples will explore how retailers can adapt, adopt or innovate to introduce flexibility in their offerings (store formats, payment methods, product ranges, services, trading dynamics) in the diverse, local markets of Africa.

World Retail Congress Global Series

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