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 Michael Gamwo

Michael Gamwo

WESGRO , Manager: International Trade - Africa

Michael Gamwo Manages the International Trade - Africa Unit at Wesgro. Wesgro is the Government Agency for Investment and Trade Promotion of the Western Cape in South Africa. Wesgro’s mission is to attract foreign direct Investment in the Cape Province and facilitate International Trade with foreign countries.

Michael Gamwo was instrumental in the launching of Wesgro at the internationally recognized Western African Trade Corridor program.The overall aim of this programme is to contribute to the growth and development of the Western African region through facilitation of business linkages between Western Cape and countries situated along the West Coast of Africa.These include Angola, DRC, Gabon, Congo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana Cote d’ivoire,Togo, Benin, Senegal.

In addition, Gamwo has been successfully running a Western African business networking forum, which is a platform for business people of the African diaspora based in Cape Town to network and interact with South African companies, with the view of forming partnerships to explore opportunities on the continent. The success of the programme also rests on Gamwo’s ability to develop strategic partnerships with companies, governments, international organisations and NGOs operating in the African region.

Since taking up his position at Wesgro in 2005, Gamwo has lead several high level Trade missions to African countries, providing numerous export business opportunities to local companies and assisting many South African companies expand their businesses in various African countries. He has also successfully organized high profile seminars and business networking forums in Cape Town, attended by high profile guests, including presidents and Ministers of countries such as South Africa, Cameroon, Congo, Nigeria, Angola and Ghana.

Prior to working at Wesgro, Gamwo held the Export Manager position at two Cape Town based companies, driving their penetration into African countries.


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