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 Nelia Annandale

Nelia Annandale

Keedo , Founder

Twenty two years ago Ms Nelia Annandale, a creative thinker and passionate entrepreneur, founded the high-end, designer children’s clothing business, Keedo. She sees life as an exciting adventure, rather than a humdrum experience. As such she is driven to live a full, happy and purposeful life.

As a true South African, Annandale is dedicated to aid in building a country that can be lived in and loved by generations to come. Resultantly, and through her business, she has continuously endeavored to bring about social and environmental change, focusing on the empowerment and upliftment of the women of South Africa. The Keedo brand strives to foster a love and respect for nature in children, through educational messaging incorporated into its designs.

Over the last two decades Annandale has received various prestigious awards, including; National Entrepreneurial Woman of the Year, Top Gender Empowerment Company, Exporter of the Year and Black Business Quarterly Business Woman of the Year Award with special recognition for transformation, to name a few. She has also spoken at various events as a motivational speaker.

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