Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities

Position your business as an essential player in the retail industry

Let us help you demonstrate thought leadership; network with the key decision makers and showcase your brand to a global audience.

This is a unique opportunity for you to raise your business's profile on a world stage. You will have the chance to firmly position your brand in the minds of the senior retailers and decision makers from across the globe. Raise your business's profile on the world stage. Exclusive high profile branding opportunities throughout the extensive multi-channel marketing campaign and at the event will position your brand in the minds of the industry leaders.

Key sponsorship opportunities include:

  • Thought leadership
  • Plenary or streamed panel session
  • Business stream session
  • Networking


Thought Leadership

This is an excellent opportunity to position yourself as an expert in a particular field, whilst aligning your key message with the Congress agenda. It is a great way to raise your profile throughout the industry, showcasing your knowledge and expertise and creating new conversations with potential new clients as a result.

Plenary or Streamed Panel Session

Sponsoring one of these sessions will allow you to reach the audience of senior retailers whilst they are there to learn and strategise for the year ahead. It will provide your company with the perfect platform to be seen as an integral player in the retail market.

Business Stream Session

This will allow you to demonstrate your expertise in a specific field alongside the most insightful retailers. It will allow you to unveil exclusive research findings, share your solutions and showcase your knowledge on the most critical topics.


It's so rare to get so many people from different backgrounds, different cultures, different parts of the retail world all in one place at the same time and the conversation you have, whether it's over a croissant or whether it's over a glass of champagne, are just gold-dust.

World Retail Congress Global Series

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